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Better Tile Imaging

Becoming Tile offers tile imaging services based upon our extensive background in image processing, allowing us to provide superior image preparation. Our software has been refined to give the most sophisticated imaging quality and flexibility available anywhere.


Control and Flexibility

You interact with our artists and design specialists to turn your idea, design or image into the most pleasing possible result in tile. We have the ability to customize all aspects of your design to suit your tastes and the environment of the project being developed. Any project can be assembled from a custom palette of tile colors picked from many manufacturers. This allows exact control over which colors are included, the price of the tiles, and the total number of colors used.


Fast, Accurate, Easy, Beautiful

Our computer assisted layout system assures quick and accurate layout of the tile in sheets clearly labeled for installation by any competent installer. Each sheet is checked for exact accuracy before packing for delivery.

Customer Focused and Responsive

We manage our business to deliver quickly, and strive to meet the time frame desired by each of our clients. Selecting from the many manufacturers of beautiful mosaic tile we can supply, your project will proceed quickly and smoothly while affording you the greatest control of the entire process and the final result.


Our Mission:
Dedicated to facilitating a revolution
in artistic tile applications


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